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Fiery JobMaster allows operators to quickly set up jobs requiring:

  • Merging documents, defining chapters, and assigning media
  • Inserting and editing scanned pages.
  • Defining tab and blank page inserts. See video
  • Numbering pages, unique ticket numbering, and barcodes. See video
  • Creating NCR forms. See video

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Makeready Objectives

Produce a high value document by merging scanned pages, inserting tab sheets, numbering pages, and applying finishing options to document sections.

Step 1: Open body pages

Open all the interior pages in Fiery JobMaster.

Step 2: Insert cover pages

Just drag the covers to the appropriate locations.

Step 3: Merge hard-copy pages

Scan the hard-copy pages and merge them into the job in Fiery JobMaster.

Step 4: Create chapter tabs

Select the first page of each chapter and convert each into a tab.

Step 5: Add content to tab ears

Content can include images and colored background.

Step 6: Remove old page numbers

Mask them with Page Edit tools.

Step 7: Re-number pages

Select page numbering format, font and color.

Step 8: Set print and finish options

Apply duplex printing to all pages, create subsets for each section to apply different finishing settings such as staple and hole-punch

Step 9: Assign media

Assign to pages or sheets.

Step 10: Review and print

Review the output on the screen, save the job and print!

The Result

A fully finished document, ready for distribution without any manual work to collate and produce.

Technical requirements: Fiery Command WorkStation 6 installed on a Windows® or Mac client with a Fiery and printer combination that is supported by Fiery JobMaster.

Please note:
If you already have Fiery Impose, you can use Fiery JobMaster with it to gain even higher productivity. However, Fiery Impose in demo mode will not work while Fiery JobMaster is in trial mode. You can try out Fiery Impose demo mode after the Fiery JobMaster trial license expires or when you deactivate the trial license.


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