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Expand your profits at no extra cost with the Fiery FreeForm Kit

Want to expand your business profits with effective personalized print jobs? Download your Fiery FreeForm Kit today and get everything you need to create successful variable (VDP) jobs quickly using the free Fiery FreeForm Create app.

The Fiery FreeForm Kit demonstrates how to use FreeForm Create, so you can increase your customer service with effective, personalized marketing pieces. The FreeForm Kit comes with templates of typical jobs that can be used "as is" for practice or modified to produce your own personalized marketing pieces.

What's in the Fiery FreeForm Kit?

  • Source files for all of the examples mentioned in the Applications tab, including packaged InDesign files and images
  • Master PDF and data source files for samples that utilize the FreeForm Create variable data workflow
  • Master and variable PDFs for use with the file merge workflow
  • Pre-programmed .ffp files that can be opened in FreeForm Create
  • Overview guide with tips and tricks for Fiery FreeForm Create

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