Get Fiery® JobFlow™

There are two ways to get Fiery JobFlow:

  1. Fiery JobFlow Base (free version) comes pre-installed on most Fiery FS200 Pro and newer servers, and can be accessed via a desktop shortcut.
  2. Fiery JobFlow can be installed on a Windows computer or the Fiery server using Fiery Software Manager.

Once JobFlow Base is installed, you can upgrade to the paid version of JobFlow for greater workflow automation. Request your 30-day free trial here. If you purchase the full version of Fiery JobFlow, you will also get a license for Enfocus PitStop Pro.

Fiery Software Manager is a small application that enables the download, installation, update, and removal of many Fiery applications and software solutions. If you already have Fiery Command WorkStation installed, you also have Fiery Software Manager installed.

If you need to download Fiery Software Manager onto a Windows computer, please use the download link below:

Full Fiery JobFlow installation instructions are available here.

Get the latest upgrade

If you are an existing Fiery JobFlow customer covered under a current JobFlow Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA), you can get the latest upgrade at no charge. A current SMSA entitles you to new features and access to Fiery technical support. If your SMSA has expired, it must be renewed to upgrade to the latest version.

How do I renew my SMSA?

You can check the status of your SMSA by launching JobFlow and choosing "About" from the bottom-left menu. If your contract has expired, contact your Fiery supplier or visit the eStore. For more information, view the JobFlow Software Maintenance and Support Agreement.

Important technical notes:

  • Fiery JobFlow can only be installed onto Fiery external servers running FS200 Pro or newer software. For older Fiery servers, install JobFlow on a separate Windows computer.
  • Fiery JobFlow version 2.9 only supports Fiery Command WorkStation and newer.
  • An active license of Fiery Productivity Package or Fiery Automation Package is required to enable Fiery JobFlow on embedded Fiery servers.
  • Fiery JobFlow can only be installed on Windows-based systems. However, once the application has been installed, it can be accessed via web browser from both Windows and Mac clients.
  • Fiery Command WorkStation must be installed on the same computer that Fiery JobFlow is installed on.
  • If your Fiery server is not connected to the Internet, you can download the stand-alone Fiery Command WorkStation package and the stand-alone JobFlow installer from an internet-connected computer, then copy these software packages to the Fiery server for installation.

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