Download PANTONE libraries and source color profiles

Download the latest PANTONE libraries

Fiery and PANTONE® have established a long established business objective to provide the best color tools and workflows for our mutual customers. We are pleased to offer a variety of PANTONE libraries that can be downloaded for your Fiery® server today. No matter what design software you use, loading the latest libraries on the Fiery server ensures spot color output is accurate and consistent for all users.

  • PANTONE Formula Guide V5 (Coated and Uncoated)
  • PANTONE PLUS V3 Libraries (Coated and Uncoated)
  • PANTONE PLUS Extended Gamut Library (Coated)
  • PANTONE Formula Guide (2nd Edition) Libraries
  • PANTONE GOE Library

Read more about PANTONE-enabled Fiery servers.

Download source color profiles

New CMYK Source Profiles:

  • GRACoL2013 CRPC6 (EFI)
  • SWOP2013 CRPC5 (EFI)
  • PSO Coated FOGRA51 (EFI)
  • PSO Uncoated FOGRA52 (EFI)
  • SWOP2013C5 (EFI)

Former CMYK Source Profiles:

  • GRACoL2006 Coated1 (EFI)
  • SWOP2006 Coated3 (EFI)
  • SWOP2006 Coated5 (EFI)
  • ISO Coated FOGRA39L (EFI)
  • ISO Uncoated FOGRA29L (EFI)

Legacy Source Profiles:

  • Legacy source profiles (included with Fiery servers before Fiery FS200)

For any questions about how your Fiery server supports the latest PANTONE color libraries or source color profiles, contact your Fiery supplier. You can also join us at the Fiery Color and Imaging Forum and ask the experts.

Download Fiery PANTONE libraries and source color profiles