Download Fiery® Command WorkStation® 7.0

Fiery® Command WorkStation® centralizes job management, connects to all Fiery servers on the network, and achieves optimal results in real time to increase productivity. The intuitive interface makes complex tasks simple, regardless of the operators' experience, while the flexible software adapts to any environment.

Important notes before you proceed:

This version of Fiery Command WorkStation connects to Fiery servers running FS200/FS200 Pro software and above, as well as Fiery XF 7 and above. It is compatible with macOS® 10.15 and higher, and Microsoft® Windows® 10 64-bit and newer, plus Microsoft Windows Server 2016 64-bit, 2019, and 2022.

If you wish to connect to an earlier Fiery system version, or install on an older operating system, go to the previous versions page to find the correct version of Fiery Command WorkStation for your environment.

If you are a user of a high-speed inkjet printer do not proceed with this download. Contact your printer manufacturer for information on how to upgrade your version of Fiery Command WorkStation.

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Fiery Command WorkStation Download


Installation on a Fiery Server not connected to the internet

1. Copy the Fiery Command WorkStation Package software to the Fiery server. We recommend copying the file to the E: or J: partition because these partitions usually have a large amount of storage space.
2. Double-click the software package file.
3. The package is extracted to a folder named for the software version. For example, the folder may be named CWSPackage65.
4. Browse to the folder and then browse to the "Windows_User_SW” subfolder.
5. Double-click MasterInstaller.exe. The installation process starts.