macOS 13 Ventura compatibility

Fiery software and macOS 13 Ventura — latest compatibility as of October 24, 2022

(See this page for macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility.)
(See this page for macOS 12 Monterey compatibility.)

We will update this webpage as compatible products are released. Please see EFI Communities for more information.

For best results, run Fiery software only on the supported operating systems and hardware platforms listed below.

The table lists the versions of Fiery products that are compatible with macOS 13 Ventura running on Intel CPUs.

EFI is actively working to optimize its products to run natively on Apple computers using the Apple M1/M2 chip. See below for Fiery products that currently run on Apple M1/M2 computers using the macOS 13 Ventura Rosetta2 dynamic binary translator.

Fiery SoftwareCompatibility on Intel CPUCompatibility on Apple M1/M2 with Rosetta2Compatibility on Apple M1/M2 (native, without Rosetta2)
Fiery Command WorkStation Package
- Fiery Hot Folders
- Fiery Impose, Compose, JobMaster
Some components of version 6.8 continue to use Rosetta2
Fiery Driver
Fiery Driver 7.0
Please see EFI Communities for updates
Fiery Driver 7.0
Please see EFI Communities for updates
Fiery FreeForm Create1.3 1.3Not compatible yet
Fiery Color Profiler Suite5. >
Fiery XF Universal Driver7.
Fiery proServer and Fiery XF
- Fiery XF Server (Windows only server)Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
- Fiery Color Profiler Suite5. >
- Fiery Command WorkStation6.8.0.3336.8.0.3336.8.0.333
Some components of version 6.8 continue to use Rosetta2
Fiery Prep-it
- Fiery Prep-it Server (Windows only server)Not applicableNot applicableNot applicable
- Fiery Prep-it Client6.
Acrobat 2017 Enfocus PitStop 2019 kitCompatibleCompatibleNot compatible. May experience licensing issue.
Acrobat 2020 Pro PackageCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Includes PrintMe Mac driver, PrintMe Web Release, and website
CompatibleCompatibleCompatible (except PrintMe Mac driver which requires Rosetta2)
- ColorGuard
Including ColorGuard Desktop and
CompatibleCompatibleEFI ColorGuard 1.6*
* Targeted for first half of 2023
- Dashboard, Insight, Manage, Notify CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
- EFI Cloud Connector CompatibleCompatibleNot compatible yet
Self-Serve AdminCentral CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
Fiery JobFlow 2.8 2.82.8