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Fiery ColorGuard

Part of the Fiery IQ suite of applications and services

Produce consistent, accurate colour all day, every day

Gain insights into your colour quality across Fiery® Driven™ print systems anytime, anywhere from a web browser. Use this paid cloud application to track colour quality, notify the production team to perform scheduled verifications and alert them to act if verification fails.


Without a good colour verification process, digital print output may not match the expectations of colour-critical print buyers — who may reject jobs, leading to higher costs and lower profitability. A solution that streamlines colour verification tasks and tracks colour quality helps to achieve the consistent, accurate colour quality you need.

That solution is Fiery ColorGuard. With it, you can:

  • Monitor the colour quality of multiple Fiery Driven™print devices, and act to ensure they are producing colours that meet customer expectations
  • Automate the colour verification process on printers with an inline measurement instrument
  • Verify and ensure that printed output from your devices is G7 compliant
  • Use custom colour references and target tolerances to deliver the colour your customers want


Standardise the colour verification process with Fiery ColorGuard.



Bring order to quality chaos by standardizing the colour verification process:

  • Automatically perform colour verification on printers with an inline measurement instrument
  • Eliminates ambiguity and guesswork about colour verification tasks by making the process of measuring colour quality a standard operating procedure across print manufacturing operations


Automated notifications about colour verification status keep production staff focused on colour quality:

  • Reduces press downtime by regularizing colour verification and device calibration
  • Lowers the number of job reprints to increase customer satisfaction and cut waste

Color compliance

Seamless integration between Fiery® servers and Fiery ColorGuard makes it easy for print production managers to follow colour verification processes and generate colour compliance reports:

  • Verify against industry colour standards, custom house standards, benchmark results, and spot colours to ensure print production consistency and accuracy
  • Enhances responsiveness of print production teams by providing real-time access to colour verification data


Powerful analytics and trend tracking helps print managers increase operating efficiency and improve colour-quality performance over time:

  • Get real-time visibility into the colour verification results and trends anytime, anywhere
  • Use colour compliance reports to position yourself as quality-driven print service provider

What’s New

New features in the latest Fiery ColorGuard releases

Scheduled spot color verification — March 2024 release

Hit brand colours continuously over time with Scheduled spot colour verification.

  • Select your key spot colours in Fiery Spot Pro and turn them into a spot colour verification schedule in Fiery ColorGuard
  • Scheduled spot colour verification coupled with scheduled recalibrations guarantee consistent brand colour matching over time
  • Benefit from happy print buyers with 100% on-brand results
  • Requires Fiery Spot Pro
  • Watch the what’s new video to learn more

Fiery Command WorkStation client software — October 2023 release

No need to step outside the Command WorkStation® 7 production environment to perform Fiery ColorGuard tasks.

  • See and action scheduled verifications and notifications from within Fiery Command WorkStation
  • Launch the ColorGuard web application directly from Command WorkStation
  • No need for any additional client software

New verification standard support — October 2023 release

Verify against the latest industry colour standard.

  • Support for the FOGRA55 – CMYKOGV + Fogra PSD 2022 colour references

dE details for G7 verification users — October 2023 release

See dE values in G7 verification reports.

  • Get the exact verification values for all verified patches
  • Easily identify “problem patches” to take corrective action

Pausable schedules — May 2023 release

Recalibration and verification schedules can be paused and resumed.

  • Temporarily disable schedules that should not be executed during printer downtime or maintenance
  • All notifications are suspended for that schedule during the paused period

Editable standard tolerance sets — November 2022 release

Adjust the values of Fogra PSD and G7 target tolerance sets.


Latest verification standards support — April 2022 release

Verify against the latest industry colour standards.

  • Support for the Validation Print (ISO 12647-8:2021) wedge and chart target tolerance sets
  • Support for the 2022 target tolerance sets and verification presets of Fogra PSD

Pool-based licensing — July 2021 release

Addition of flexible licensing of print devices.

  • Administer licence use from within ColorGuard’s License Manager
  • Move a license from an old to a new device with no need to contact support services

Benchmark Verification — June 2021 release

Verify against a device’s optimal condition as opposed to against an industry standard.

  • A benchmark alternative where verification against an industry standard is not relevant
  • Ideal for achieving consistency within a printer’s gamut and quality limits

G7 Colorspace verification — March 2021 release

Addition of the G7 Colorspace Press and G7 Colorspace Proof tolerance sets.

  • Expands the Fiery ColorGuard capabilities to cover all G7 verification scenarios

G7 verification with SCCA — March 2021 release

Addition of SCCA (Substrate Corrected Color Aim)-based verification for G7 Targeted and G7 Colorspace tolerance sets.

  • Enables G7 verification on regular non-proofing papers
  • A more practical and easy way to reach a pass result

Custom colour references and patch sets — March 2021 release

Support of custom CMYK colour references and patch sets.

  • Provides the flexibility to add patch sets from third-party colour management software
  • Allows verification against in-house patch sets for specific verification needs

Parallel automatic verification with inline measurement instruments — March 2021 release

Simultaneous verification of multiple printers with inline measurement instruments.

  • Faster verification when more than one printer requires verification at the same time


Fiery ColorGuard requires access to the ColorGuard web application, a client application, and a supported measurement instrument.

Fiery ColorGuard web application browser support:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 11, or later

Client operating system support (as part of Fiery Command WorkStation 7 and later):

  • macOS 10.15 and later
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (for 64-bit only), 11

Compatible Fiery Driven technologies:

  • Fiery for cutsheet
  • Fiery Impress

Supported measurement instruments:

  • Fiery ES-1000 spectrophotometer
  • Fiery ES-2000 spectrophotometer
  • Fiery ES-3000 spectrophotometer
  • Fiery ES-6000 spectrophotometer
  • X-Rite i1iSis
  • X-Rite i1iSis XL
  • X-Rite i1iSis 2
  • X-Rite i1iSis 2 XL
  • X-Rite i1Pro
  • X-Rite i1Pro 2
  • X-Rite i1Pro 3
  • X-Rite i1iO
  • X-Rite i1iO 2
  • Barbieri Spectropad (with USB connection only)
  • Barbieri Spectro LFP
  • Barbieri Spectro LFP qb
  • Barbieri Spectro Swing
  • Konica Minolta FD-5BT
  • Konica Minolta FD-9
  • Konica Minolta Myiro-1
  • Inline measurement instruments:
    • Canon iPRC10000VP Series Inline
    • Xerox iGen 150 Inline spectrophotometer
    • Xerox Full Width Array (FWA)
    • Konica Minolta IQ-501

Legacy client operating system support (for Fiery ColorGuard Desktop for Fiery Command WorkStation 6.8< users)

  • macOS X 10.13, and later (for 64-bit only)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (for 64-bit only), 11


Verification preset assistant

Unsure which is the correct verification preset and tolerances for your print environment? Then check out the Fiery ColorGuard verification assistant.

Product training

Access free Fiery ColorGuard on-demand learning materials including elearning courses, express videos, simulation learning, and more.

Fiery ColorGuard elearning

Learning@Fiery — Online training to achieve consistent, accurate colour.

Get free access to Fiery ColorGuard on-demand learning material and master the skills to streamline the colour verification process and achieve consistent, accurate colour.


Fiery ColorGuard Brochure

Fiery® ColorGuard™ – A cloud-based colour verification solution to standardise colour verification process, monitor your colour verification data in real time and notify print production team to act if verification fails.

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