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Fiery Go

Manage Fiery Driven printers from your iOS and Android devices

Fiery Go gives you more flexibility and allows you to multi-task for a more efficient workplace. The app is simple to use, takes just minutes to deploy and it’s free. Give it a Go today!



Simple to use, easy to deploy and free!

Fiery® Go allows you to monitor the status of multiple Fiery Driven™ printers to manage print jobs from anywhere. Using Fiery Go, operators can perform these actions:

  • Browse jobs
  • Preview jobs*
  • Process, print and cancel functions
  • Select print settings
  • Send PDF files to the Fiery server from cloud storage services or apps on your smart phone or tablet

Fiery Go also sends you alerts about Fiery server and consumable status, errors in print jobs, paper jams and more — so you can take immediate action.

* Only available in tablet versions.


iOS devices

  • Compatible with iOS phones or tablets running iOS version 6.0 or later.

Android devices

  • Compatible with Android phones or tablets running version 4.0 or later.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular data (requires VPN service)

Fiery® servers

  • Compatible with Fiery System 9/9e R2, System 10/10e, Fiery FS100/FS100 Pro, Fiery FS150/FS150 Pro and Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro software systems.
  • Requires Fiery API v1.3 or later installed on the Fiery server*.

The Fiery server needs to be visible to the mobile device over the Wi-Fi network.

* If you have Fiery Command WorkStation® 5.6 or later installed directly on a Fiery server, Fiery API is already installed. You can also install Fiery API on a Fiery server from a Windows client that has Fiery Command WorkStation 5.7 or later installed. Just use the Fiery Integration Manager, which is installed through the Fiery Integration Package. For more information, see the Fiery Integration Package documentation.


Product training

Access free Fiery Go on-demand learning materials including elearning courses, express videos, simulation learning, how-to guides, and more.

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