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Fiery Drivers

Easily submit jobs

Fiery drivers make it easy for users to submit jobs to a Fiery server.

Learn about the Fiery Essential Driver.


Fiery Drivers

Fiery print drivers allow users to easily and accurately submit jobs to the Fiery server.

  • With the Fiery driver, features and functions are consistent across different Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as in the Job Properties user interface.
  • The Fiery Essential Driver increases productivity with an intuitive, visual interface that makes it easy for office users to print documents quickly and simply, in just a few clicks.

Users can customize Fiery print drivers to fit their specific needs.

  • Quick Access: users can customize the interface with print options used frequently. This saves time because regular office users do not have to open all of the other print options
  • Presets: allow the user to save predefined print settings as a retrievable template. The templates let users define settings based on their own common printing scenarios. Administrators can also create Server Presets and share those settings with Fiery users.


To download the latest Fiery drivers for your printer visit the Download Center.

Fiery Essential Driver

Print your files, faster.

Print office documents in just a few clicks with the Fiery Essential Driver.

The Fiery Essential Driver makes it easy to get your files printed, quickly and simply. So you spend less time trying to print and more time getting your work done.


Key features:

  • Available for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Simplified, visual interface
  • Built-in presets for common print needs. Or, quickly and easily create custom presets with your own settings.
  • Supports user authentication workflows for enhanced security, print tracking, and job accounting
  • IT admins can perform remote deployments
  • Access to full Fiery job properties
  • Easy access to free Fiery tools that help you be more productive at work

Supported printers

The following Fiery servers are compatible with the Fiery Essential Driver. Use the links below to go directly to the Mac or Windows download link.

How do I find which Fiery system and Fiery server version I have? 

How do I find which Fiery System and Fiery server version I have?

Your Fiery System version is listed in the Device Center General Information tab in Command WorkStation. This information also is accessible on the Fiery configuration page printed via the Fiery server.

Fiery Command WorkStation 6:


Fiery Command WorkStation 5:

View the Customer Release Notes for Mac and Windows.
View the online Help for Mac and Windows.

Xerox Global Print Driver

Xerox Global Print Driver

Select Fiery Driven Xerox printers now support the use of the Xerox Global Print Driver.


There are Xerox customers that have become accustomed to the common experience of the Xerox Global Print Driver (GPD). The GPD driver allows for a consistent print experience (Windows/Mac) across multiple Printer / MFP models and brands, with and without attached Fiery servers.

Designed for environments with a mix of printers/MFPs

  • Ideally suited for mixed or blended office environments where printers with and without attached Fiery servers are being used
  • Customers that have a blend of print products. For instance, a customer that uses a VersaLink or HP printer and has a need for Fiery workflow/color capabilities on PrimeLink. The Global Print Driver will allow the Windows/Mac user to submit files to either the Fiery Driven PrimeLink, VersaLink or HP by using the single GPD driver.

Supported Fiery Driven Xerox printers

Currently available:

  • Xerox PrimeLink C9065/C9070
    • EX/EX-i/EX-c C9065/C9070 v2.0
    • EX C9065/C9070 v1.0 – requires Fiery software patch FIT102472335
    • EX-i/EX-c C9065/C9070 v1.0 – requires Fiery software patch FIT102472339
    • For more information, please refer to the Fiery customer release notes.

Get started today

Follow these steps to use the Xerox Global Print Driver with supported Fiery Driven Xerox printers.

  1. Ensure the Fiery server is fully updated and patched (if a patch is required)
  2. Follow the instructions in the configuration guide

Other things to know

We recommend using the Fiery driver or Fiery Command WorkStation in cases where a customer needs to take advantage of the following Xerox Global Print Driver options, which are currently not supported when connecting to Xerox Fiery servers.

  • Secure Print (hold/release)
  • Advanced finishing (e.g., C-fold, staple locations in different page orientations)
  • Page exceptions
  • Print driver-based color adjustments



  • Fiery Driver 6.5
    • Intel CPU: macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Monterey (12)
    • Apple M1/M2 processor : Mac computers running macOS Monterey (12) using the OS Rosetta2 dynamic binary translator.
  • Fiery Driver 7.0
    • Supported on Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers and can be installed on the following macOS versions: macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Big Sur (11), macOS Monterey (12), macOS Ventura (13)


  • Fiery Driver 6.5
    • Client: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher
  • Fiery Driver 7.0 (includes Fiery Essential Driver)
    • Client: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11
    • Server: Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher
  • WHQL certified and signed by Microsoft
  • Package-aware and support Microsoft Point and Print workflows
  • Command line installation that enables the use of enterprise deployment tools

For installation instructions, please view the Customer Release Notes.