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Fiery servers for Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6120/6136/6136P/6272P/7120/7136/7136p 


Fiery offers two external digital front ends (DFEs) – Fiery MIC-4170 and MIC-4160 – for the black-and-white Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6120/6136/6136P/7120/7136/7136p  digital presses, and the MIC-4170 for the AccurioPress 6272P. Based on the Fiery FS500 Pro platform, Fiery MIC-4170 and MIC-4160 external servers are targeted toward high-volume monochrome production environments.

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Fiery server documentation

How do I find which Fiery system and Fiery server version I have?


How do I find which Fiery System and Fiery server version I have?

Your Fiery System version is listed in the Device Center General Information tab in Command WorkStation. This information also is accessible on the Fiery configuration page printed via the Fiery server.

Fiery Command WorkStation 6:

Fiery Command WorkStation 5:

Version 1 Version 2
DatasheetsMIC-4160MIC-4160 | MIC-4170
Fiery system what’s newFS500 Pro
Fiery system product guideFS300 ProComing soon
Fiery feature summaryFS300 ProFS500 Pro
Fiery system how-to guidesFS300 ProFS500 Pro
Fiery security white paperFS300 ProFS500 Pro

TU-510 inline trimmer unit integration


Latest version of Fiery Command WorkStation

Version 1 Version 2
DriversMIC-4160MIC-4160 and MIC-4170