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Part of the Fiery IQ suite of applications and services

Production status at your fingertips

EFI Go is a mobile application that provides continuous visibility into multiple printers from iOS and Android mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Use EFI Go to stay connected with your print production system using a smart phone or tablet, so you can make informed decisions to achieve higher productivity:

  • Monitor multiple display graphics printers
  • See real time status of consumables (e.g: inks, media)
  • View the print queue and a list of printed jobs, plus job properties with preview
  • Check printer status, warnings and error messages
  • Get a complete printer state statistic for the last 24 hours or more (up to a week)
  • Receive alerts about any printer error, so user can take immediate action as required

Get more work done by maintaining 24 x 7 access to your print devices.


iOS devices

  • Compatible with iOS phones or tablets running iOS version 6.0 or later.

Android devices

  • Compatible with Android phones or tablets running version 4.0 or later.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular data