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Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor

Quickly adjust and enhance individual images

Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor


Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor is an interactive Fiery Command WorkStation plug-in that offers on-the-fly correction for individual images in a job – without the need to go back to the original design files. It provides real-time image editing with visual feedback and eliminates the need for additional image editing software.

Before & after Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor


Image edits, fast.

Use Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor to quickly color-correct images and keep production moving smoothly. See all changes in an onscreen preview, no need to waste time and clicks by printing a sample page.

Edit individual images

Choose the individual images in a file that you want to edit. Or, choose to apply enhancements to all images within the file.

On-demand color correction

Use the automatic preset to auto-enhance image quality, including tone, color, brightness, contrast, and image sharpness. Or edit each attribute manually.

Red eye correction

Automatically detect and correct red eyes. You can also choose to manually select and refine the red eye selection areas.

Save time with custom presets

Save your chosen adjustments as a custom preset. Then, reuse it in the Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor application, or via Fiery JobFlow.

Features for specialty toners

Fiery servers driving supported presses from Xerox and FUJIFILM can use the special effects layer in Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor to enhance individual images using clear, gold/silver, and pink toners.

Pink toner

Boost the visual appearance of images and enhance skin tones. Watch the video to learn more.

Gold/silver toner

Apply gold or silver toner to images to add visual emphasis and create stylized effects.

Clear toner

Use up to 7 passes of clear toner to create embossed, tactile print effects that turn print into a sensory experience.


  • Standard on all external Fiery color servers
  • Available as part of an optional Fiery software package for embedded Fiery color servers
    • Fiery ColorRight Package for Fiery FS400 and newer servers
    • Fiery Productivity Package for Fiery FS350 and previous servers