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Fiery Automation Package

Automation tools to be more productive

The Fiery® Automation Package for Fiery FS400 and newer embedded Fiery servers helps to reduce job touchpoints and make your print workflow more efficient and profitable.


The Fiery Automation Package includes:

  • Automated job submission features for increased productivity
  • Advanced queue management controls to manage print priorities without disrupting production
  • JDF technology to automate and integrate business and print processes for higher efficiency and
    increased profit
  • Integrated preflight capabilities to reduce errors and waste

Read more about specific features in the datasheet.

Fiery Automation Package is available as a term-based license that can range from 1 to 5 years starting on the date of activation. You can purchase this license from your Fiery reseller.


The following features are included with Fiery Automation Package.

Fiery Preflight

Integrated preflight capabilities on the Fiery DFE.

  • Check for missing elements such as spot colors or fonts
  • Identify potential errors like lo-res images, overprint, hairlines, etc
  • Automate via Hot Folders or Fiery JobFlow or Fiery JobFlow Base

Fiery Hot Folders

Automates the print job submission process.

  • Ideal for multiple files with the same print settings
  • Filters allow users to route jobs to a print server with predetermined settings
  • Drag-and-drop functionality

Fiery Virtual Printers

Automates the print submission process from the print driver.

  • Saves time and increases productivity
  • Enables administrators to create a specific print configuration and share
    with users
  • Configure print settings once to be used for multiple jobs

Fiery JDF

JDF integration support to automate processes from job submission to output.

  • Integrates print workflow and business management systems
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual touch points, errors and reduce waste
  • Automatically capture business intelligence like production time and material usage for more accurate reporting, estimating and invoicing

Fiery JobFlow Base

Automate job preparation steps in prepress workflows to produce ready-to-print files.

  • Perform essential job processing tasks such as image enhancement and imposition*
  • Archive jobs at various processing stages for later reuse
  • Receive email notifications on the job processing steps that are important
    to you
  • Manage, import, and export workflows for maximum productivity and efficiency

Advanced Job Management

Queue management controls that give operators the flexibility to alter aspects of the workflow without disruption.

  • Rush Print – Eliminates the need to stop and restart production when one job needs to be printed ASAP
  • Schedule Print – Balances workload, prioritizes print production, and eliminates bottlenecks
  • Print/Process Next – Allows the operator to pick the next job to process or print immediately after the current job

* Impose module requires a Fiery Impose license


Product training

Access free Fiery Automation Package on-demand learning materials including elearning courses, express videos, simulation learning, how-to guides, and more.


Fiery Automation Package datasheet

This datasheets describes the features included in the Fiery Automation Package for Fiery FS400 embedded servers.

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Use Fiery Preflight to check files for potential problems before printing, such as missing spot colors, missing fonts, low resolution images, and more. These preflight checks can help reduce wasted prints and improve production efficiency.

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The production of personalized postcards with Fiery servers is as easy as producing static ones. The how-to guide showcases PDF/VT format support and Fiery Impose to produce effective one-to-one communications.

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