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Fiery Server Presets

Reduce touch points across your print shop

Create and share commonly used print settings to automate the selection of Fiery® Job Properties, saving time, reducing errors and maximizing productivity.

Fiery Server Presets


Extend the power of automation to all Fiery users

Create and publish Fiery Server Presets across your print shop from the Command WorkStation® Device Center. Once you have created a Server Preset, other users can access the centrally stored presets for use with any of the following job submission workflows:

Fiery Image Boost

A preset to easily produce better looking documents.


Fiery Image Boost is a preset that allows you to create an automated job submission workflow to produce brighter, cleaner and more pleasing images; plus smoother vector gradients your customers will notice.

Install Image Boost on your Fiery server to easily apply it to print jobs using a print driver or Fiery Command WorkStation.

Use the step-by-step instructions for installation and quickly see the results for yourself.


Fiery Samples How-to Guides

Automate job submission with Fiery tools

Configure a virtual printer, a job preset or a Fiery Hot Folder to set job ticket specifications including imposition templates in order to automate most of your jobs. Take automation to the next level by using Fiery JobFlow Base workflows.