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Fiery Prep-it

Print-for-cut preparation software

Fiery® Prep-it™ is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution for the preparation, layout, and automated production of print-for-cut jobs. It can both save you hours of prepress time and dramatically decrease your media usage with its efficient true shape nesting.

Customer Quote

Fiery Prep-it is a very powerful and easy to use solution. It can nest irregular-shaped jobs very quickly and uses media extremely efficiently. We save at least 50% of time versus manually nesting jobs, plus, we can automate the whole print for cut process fully using Prep-it’s integration capabilities.

Hossein Rasoulian, Technical Specialist, Super Color Digital


Fiery Prep-it makes it easy and efficient to prepare print-for-cut jobs. It can connect to many different RIP brands and cut controller solutions — providing a central hub for all your print-to-cut needs. From true shape nesting and cut path editing, through to double-sided printing and automation, it can maximize the use of your existing printing and cutting equipment.


  • Print more jobs on less media with highly optimized, free-angle, true shape nesting
  • Save hours of manual prepress time with fast and easy cut path and layout preparation
  • Focus on other tasks by fully automating nest creation
  • Maximize the use of existing printing and cutting equipment with comprehensive connectivity
  • Avoid expensive errors by using predefined workflows and hot folders

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  • Save more than 10% on media versus competitive true shape nesting solutions
  • Prepare jobs in a fraction of the time compared to manual nesting methods, plus reduce media consumption by an average of 33%
  • Decrease your media usage by over 50% instead of using wasteful rectangle-based in-RIP nesting, and save on nesting time

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More economic benefits:

  • Fiery Prep-it nests use less media, so they take less time to print, delivering more throughput from your printers
  • Its tighter nests keep cutting times to a minimum, freeing up your cutters and routers to accept the next job
  • Fiery Prep-it can connect to any RIP that accepts PDF files so you can utilise all available printers
  • Its comprehensive output cut formats provide the flexibility to connect to many types of cut controllers
  • Prep-it only uses the necessary amount of substrate by using smaller board sizes for the last “sheet” of a nest

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Fiery Prep-it is a powerful, feature-rich application that can connect to all RIPs that read PDF files, and is compatible with many different cutting tables and router types. It joins different manufacturers’ equipment together, and expands production throughput and capabilities with:

True shape nesting
The Prep-it free-angle true shape nesting uses the least amount of media possible for a given set of nested jobs. Nests are calculated at speed, and can contain one or multiple jobs, as well as multi–page PDFs.

Double-sided nesting
Produce perfectly aligned, two-sided prints from highly accurate, double-sided nests of both rectangular and irregular-shaped jobs.

Presets, hot folders, and automation
Set up an unlimited number of hot folders with predefined actions assigned for error free job preparation. Plus, totally “hands-off” production automation can be achieved from prepress workflow, MIS, and web-to-print solutions with JSON file “job definition” integration to Fiery Prep-it.

Cut path editing
Add, remove, and fine-tune cut path points with familiar editing tools, and toggle between before and after results. Merge multiple cut paths, plus generate inline or outline offset paths in seconds.

Tiling and paneling
Easily tile oversized rectangular and irregular-shaped jobs automatically — with no limits on size and number of panels. Perform advanced functions such as overlaps, gap, oversize/bleed, extra white area, and eyelets.

Cut marks and barcodes
Add a variety of cut marks and barcode types automatically, with the option to override and use manual placements.

Job editing
Move jobs manually or by coordinates, scale them numerically or by percentage, plus crop jobs visually. Create simple cut paths with just a few clicks.


Product training

From installation and job setup, through to creating automated workflows, this free online training guides you through all the things you need to know to get the most from Fiery Prep-it.


Fiery Prep-it brochure

Brochure for Fiery® Prep-it™

Installation-Setup Guides

Fiery Prep-it installation guide

Installation guide for Fiery® Prep-it™

Fiery Prep-it user guide

User guide for Fiery® Prep-it™

Other Resources

Fiery Prep-it SMSA

Fiery Prep-it software maintenance and support agreement contract


Fiery® Prep-it™ offers client / server architecture. The server software is Windows® compatible, while the client is both macOS® and Windows compatible.

Installation requirements

Fiery Prep-it Server:

  • Windows 10 or 11 (64-Bit)
  • i7-8700 processor or higher
    • Minimum 4 cores
  • 16 GB RAM or more
  • 1 TB Samsung NVME m.2 split into 2:
    • 200 GB boot partition
    • 800 GB storage partition
  • 1 Gbit network card
  • 4 x USB ports

Fiery Prep-it Client (Windows):

  • Windows 10 or 11 (64-Bit)
  • i5 or i7 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 Gbit network card
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution

Fiery Prep-it Client (macOS):

  • macOS 11, 12, and 13
  • 1 Gbit network card
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution


Base configuration:

  • 1 server, 2 client licences
  • Additional client licences are available for purchase (maximum of 10 concurrent connections)

RIP support:

  • Fiery proServer or Fiery XF 7.3.1 and above
  • All RIPs that can process PDF files

Input formats:

  • PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and JSON (for workflow, MIS, and web-to-print integration to Fiery Prep-it)

Output print formats:

  • PDF
  • PDF and XML (for integration to Fiery XF)
  • PDF (for integration to Caldera and Onyx)

Output cutting formats:

  • AI, PDF, and ZCC

Supported languages:

  • English, French, German, and Spanish


The latest version of Fiery Prep-it can be found at the Fiery Download Center.

View the Installation and User guides.