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Graphic Whizard integration

Reduce turnaround time by automating steps from prepress to finishing

Save up to 70% in setup time and produce more profitable jobs with Fiery Driven print engines and Graphic Whizard finishers.

Video: See how the PT 335SCC Multi and Fiery Impose can automate the cutting process

Video: Automate the job preparation process from prepress to post press



Fiery and Graphic Whizard have collaborated to develop time-saving integration between Fiery Driven print engines, Fiery workflow software, and Graphic Whizard finishers.

Graphic Whizard PT 335SCC Multi

For the most common jobs such as business cards or postcards, Graphic Whizard provides imposition templates to use in Fiery Impose that match the finishing templates on the Graphic Whizard PT 335SCC Multi. The finishing templates come pre-set with measurements for the margins and gutters as well as finishing sizes. The templates use barcodes and registration marks that let the Graphic Whizard PT 335SCC Multi adjust automatically without intervention.