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Get more from your Fiery solutions

Unlock a host of business and productivity benefits for you, and your company with a Fiery Account.


Setting up a Fiery® Account is an important step in making the most of your Fiery digital front end (DFE) and Fiery solution investments. Setting up an account is free and takes just a few minutes. Sign me up.

A Fiery Account lets you:

  • Quickly download Fiery software*
  • Back up and restore your Command WorkStation® workspace settings
  • Share Command WorkStation workspace settings with colleagues
  • Use the free Fiery IQ applications**
  • Trial Fiery IQ paid applications for 30 days**
  • Back up Fiery makeready software licenses

* Also available for users of Fiery Driven™ large format printers
** Learn more about Fiery IQ costs and availability for large format printer users


What you gain with a Fiery Account

Having a Fiery® Account, and associating it with your company, brings you a host of business and productivity benefits:

Download Fiery software quickly*
Quickly download software and keep all your Fiery applications current with Fiery Software Manager. No need to visit the Fiery Download Center and re-enter your details to complete a download.

Easily back up and deploy your workspace settings
Save your local Command WorkStation® settings to the Fiery IQ™ cloud, and easily deploy them to other client computers.

Quickly share your workspace settings
Share your Command WorkStation settings with colleagues who are associated with the same company in seconds.

Use the free Fiery IQ applications**
Take advantage of Fiery Dashboard, Fiery Insight, Fiery Notify, and EFI Go, to bring analytics and intelligence to your print room.

Trial paid Fiery IQ applications**
Experience the full benefits of Fiery Manage and Fiery ColorGuard for 30-days at no cost.

Keep your Fiery makeready licenses safe
Store your Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, and Fiery JobMaster™ licenses in the Fiery IQ cloud for safekeeping and convenience.

* Also available for users of Fiery Driven™ large format printers
** Learn more about Fiery IQ costs and availability for large format printer users



Take the eLearning course for step-by-step explanations.




To experience all the benefits of a Fiery Account, you need to be associated with a company. Learn about creating an account, and associating it with a company.

Fiery Software Manager

When running Fiery Software Manager 7 and above, you need to be logged into your Fiery Account to download and keep software up to date.

Fiery Command WorkStation

To use a Fiery Account with Command WorkStation®, you need to be using version 7 or higher. You can find Fiery Command WorkStation specifications here.

Fiery IQ

The use of Fiery IQ™ requires a Fiery Account associated with a company. You can find the specifications for Fiery IQ here.

  • Note to Fiery IQ account holders:
    You can use the exact same credentials to log in to your new Fiery Account that you previously used to log in to your Fiery IQ account — nothing else has changed, just the name.



Fiery Account Best Practices

Best practices, considerations, and step- by-step instructions

Fiery Account FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the Fiery Account