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Fiery NX digital front ends

Fiery® NX servers drive a wide range of print engines and offer an industrial design precisely crafted with the Fiery operator in mind.

See which Fiery servers are available for your engine and learn how to choose the best one for your business.


Fiery NX servers — the industry’s most advanced digital front ends

The breakthrough Fiery NX servers have a cutting-edge and innovative industrial design customized for Fiery users and for the needs of a highly efficient print environment.

They were developed with the sole focus of helping customers fuel their success with high efficiency and quality. They provide streamlined automation and superior total cost of ownership.

See a virtual tour of Fiery QuickTouch™ software on the NX server’s touchscreen display, which gives faster views of job status information and access to server management.

Three USB ports are conveniently located on the side of the display. The display rotates 90 degrees (NX Premium and NX Pro only) to provide operational flexibility and visibility.

Fiery NX Premium

High-volume, powerful servers for commercial printers, in-plant shops, and digital printers


Fiery NX Pro

Mid -volume servers for digital printers, print for pay, and in-plant shops

nx oneserver quicktouch

Fiery NX One

Mid-volume servers for black and white or lower-speed color digital printers targeted to print for pay, and in-plant shops

See which Fiery servers are available for your engine.

Fiery QuickTouch

Intuitive Fiery QuickTouch interface

The NX servers include the Fiery QuickTouch software on the touchscreen display, which gives faster views of job status information and access to server management. See the virtual tours below.

With just a tap, the touchscreen display gives operators easy access to intuitive system installation, backup and restore functionality, plus system diagnostics.

The QuickTouch software interface is an extensible platform that enables additional features and functionality to be added in new versions of Fiery NX servers over time.

Take a tour of several QuickTouch workflows

Choosing the best DFE

Choosing the right digital front end (DFE)

Acquiring a new digital press is an important decision. But the choice of the digital front end, or DFE, is just as critical. Both decisions will have long-lasting effects on your business and your bottom line.

The digital front end you choose affects:

  • Operational and employee productivity
  • The utilization of your digital printer
  • Output color quality
  • The services you can offer
  • ROI on your print engine investment

These materials below will help you determine what’s most important to keep you competitive over the lease period in the dynamic, ever-changing digital print environment.

White paper: A deeper dive into Fiery digital front ends

Have you ever wondered what makes a Fiery digital front end the fastest in the industry? In this white paper, you’ll get a technical overview of the exclusive Fiery technology that powers industry-leading performance. You’ll learn how:

  • Fiery DFEs are specially designed and customized to maximize performance for a specific print engine.
  • Unparalleled processing speeds help operators push more data to print engines faster, reducing engine warm-up and cycle-down modes, which saves valuable press time
  • A Fiery DFE takes full advantage of custom-designed microprocessors, proprietary file-compression algorithms, and efficient memory management to produce industry-leading performance.
  • Fiery DFE technology can be easily scaled to power everything from an office printer up to the highest production inkjet presses.

e-book: How to choose the right digital front end

Your investment decision today can help you stay ahead of the curve tomorrow, and stay competitive in a changing marketplace. The eBook is quick read, but the benefits of the right choice can last for years. Find out about:

  • Why the right DFE makes a difference
  • What you can do with a modern DFE
  • Planning for the future considering performance, workflow automation, integration, variable data, and integration with business systems
  • Why the focus should be on ROI, not just initial purchase price
  • The best evaluation and buying process

White paper: Choosing the right digital front end

To get the most out of a digital press investment, take the time to fully examine DFE choices. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn more about what factors to consider when choosing a DFE for your new digital press. These factors can have long-lasting impact on your business and bottom line, including:

  • Functions of the modern DFE
  • The role of the DFE in production
  • Factors to evaluate and decision processes
  • Training and certification

White paper: High-Performance Fiery Digital Print Servers for Today’s
Print Market

See what to look for in a high-performance DFE to meet both current expectations and future needs. In this white paper, we cover a range of topics, including:

  • Performance
  • Makeready
  • Color
  • Usability
  • Future trends in DFEs

White paper: Driving Hybrid Print Workflow: The Key to Future Profitability

A hybrid print environment presents a wealth of opportunities that can be the key to future profitability if it’s done correctly. In this white paper, we explore some important considerations that will help you do just that:

  • Changing demands in today’s print market
  • The benefits of a single workflow management system for both offset and digital
  • Lessons from real world success stories
  • How to get started and implementation considerations