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Fujifilm XMF PressReady Integration

An end-to-end workflow solution with flexibility and increased integration capabilities.

Integrating XMF PressReady with Fiery digital print servers allows streamlining pre-flight, imposition, ganging, sorting, and delivery stages. This enables print service providers to automate routine and repetitive tasks.


Digital print service providers now have another way to increase productivity with the robust integration between Fiery® servers and Fujifilm XMF PressReady Workflow. It is an end-to-end solution from PDF creation and preflight through imposition to trapping and output maintaining the PDF file format right up to the final rendering stage.

XMF PressReady is unique in integrating not only with Revoria digital presses, but any connected digital press using a Fiery DFE


Control digital and conventional printing from a single user interface

  • Fiery API enables the bi-directional integration between XMF Workflow and Fiery servers.
  • Pure PDF workflow for maximum performance and fidelity
  • Integration with other systems such as Management Information Systems (MIS) and web-to-print systems.
  • Intelligent automation to maximize quality and throughput
  • Cross-media capability for offset and digital presses
  • Print management across all vendor presses