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Fiery TrueBrand

Print accurate brand colors from Microsoft Office applications


One of the most common print challenges is getting documents created in Microsoft Office applications to print with accurate brand colors.

With the Fiery TrueBrand™ application, it’s easy for anyone to map RGB values to named spot colors, such as PANTONE colors.

Easily accessible from the Fiery driver, the Fiery TrueBrand application walks users through the steps to first select the desired named color, and then the corresponding RGB values. And, once these values are set on the Fiery server, the RGB combination used in RGB-only applications will automatically map to the desired named color for future prints. Users are just a few clicks away from producing presentations, brochures, and other office documents with accurate brand colors.

Fiery TrueBrand is perfect for companies like agencies or professional services firms (such as engineering, architects, or construction), and any other office environment that prints for client or in-house use where brand colors in Microsoft Office applications must be printed correctly.

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Supported printers

Fiery TrueBrand is included with most Fiery servers running FS600 Pro/FS600 and newer software.

In addition, it’s included with these Fiery servers running FS500 software: