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Fiery servers for EFI Nozomi single-pass industrial inkjet presses


Fiery NZ-1000 drives the EFI Nozomi line of single-pass industrial inkjet presses. Based on the Fiery XB blade-based server platform, Fiery NZ-1000 is designed for high-productivity corrugated production.

Supported printers


High-performance bladed hardware to maximize press throughput

  • Scalable-blade server architecture uses proprietary Fiery HyperRIP advanced performance technology to process even the toughest jobs at engine rated speeds
  • Supports Adobe PDF Print Engine to ensure consistent, predictable output

Intuitive, unified interface to efficiently manage all print production with Fiery Command WorkStation

  • Job management from any macOS and Windows client
  • Automate job submission with Fiery Hot Folders

Advanced color management and extensive toolset for late-stage image editing

  • Next-generation color technology with Fiery Edge profiles from Fiery Color Profiler Suite
  • Powerful spot color management for accurate brand colors with Fiery Spot Pro
  • Maintain color quality and uniformity with an automated inspection system
  • Verify color accuracy for compliance with industry standards such as ISO and GRACoL (G7) with Fiery Verify
  • Accurately preview full-resolution post-RIP raster files in Fiery ImageViewer, including variable data content. Make color corrections on the fly without needing to re-RIP the file.
  • Fiery NZ-1000 comes with all essential color tools for calibrating, profiling, ink saving, spot color management, and industry compliance verification

Fogra certification

  • EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus/Nozomi 14000 LED are the first single-pass digital corrugated printers to achieve Fogra Certification.
  • The single-pass inkjet printers received the Fogra Process Standard Digital (PSD) Print Check Certification according to: ISO 15311 – Digital printing production standard. In addition, they achieved ISO 12647/2 – Offset Printing production standard.

Integration for efficient production and personalization

  • Versioning and VDP processing at full press speed. Use the free Fiery FreeForm Create application to easily create personalized files.
  • Ink cost estimation for increased visibility to plan production improvements and determine job costs
  • Integration to third-party solutions through Fiery JDF, and use the popular RESTful Fiery APIs to develop custom integration for your specific needs
  • Integrates with Fiery IQ cloud-based print production analytics solution, ePS Corrugated Suite, and third-party prepress solutions.