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Fiery Spot Pro

Your brand color. Perfectly printed.


Complete brand color control

Companies know that protecting their brand colors is key to maintaining their corporate identity. With Fiery Spot Pro, your customers can be confident that their brand colors are reproduced correctly, every time. This advanced toolset allows you to easily manage and edit spot color libraries, ensure conformity to color standards, and utilize tools for seamless collaboration with designers.

Customer Quote

The new Spot Pro enhancements, particularly Variations, will help us better serve our color-critical customer base.

Nick Fay, Digital Manager, Colortech Inc.

What’s new

New features with Fiery Command WorkStation 7.0

View the what’s new guide for full details.

Spot Pro variations

With an all-new interface to make visual edits to spot colors, Spot Pro variations also makes it easier to print multiple variations pages and use the preferred variations color.

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Spot color checkup

The patent-pending spot color checkup provides operators with a report of how well a set of spot colors can be reproduced at any given time on their specific press.

NEW: Convert your spot color checkup into a spot color verification schedule in Fiery ColorGuard*. Learn more.

*Requires Fiery Command WorkStation and a license for Fiery ColorGuard.

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Job-based spot color editing enhancements

Fiery Spot Pro provides an enhanced quick and easy way to edit the spot colors in a job, right from Command WorkStation – with no need to even open the Spot Pro application.

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Share a common spot color library with designers. Left: Adobe InDesign. Right: Fiery Spot Pro.

Work seamlessly with designers

  • Export/import spot color libraries in Adobe® Swatch Exchange (.ase) or Color Exchange Format (.cxf), allowing print service providers and designers to work from the same named color set.
  • Simplify spot color management in a production workflow by using a spot color alias.1
Ensure spot color consistency with the spot color checkup

Simplified spot color management

  • Get a spot color checkup that shows how well the Fiery server is reproducing a set of spot colors at any given time. When used regularly over time, operators gain confidence that important spot colors will consistently print to the best of the press’ ability. 3
  • Quickly and easily create new spot colors and custom spot color groups.
  • Apply spot color edits to multiple media profiles simultaneously.
  • Create custom swatch books to fit your desired page size.
  • Search for spot colors across all available libraries.
  • Improve search efficiency by choosing to enable specific spot color groups 2
Spot Pro variations makes it easy to find a visual match for a spot color.

Powerful tools to customize spot colors

  • Use the visual Spot Pro variations workflow to fine-tune a spot color’s hue and brightness/darkness. Print variations pages that, after optimization, can show Delta E values for each variations patch. 3
  • Edit spot colors in device CMYK, CMYK+ (extended gamut), or device independent color spaces (L*a*b or L*c*h).
  • Optimize spot colors using a spectrophotometer (no Fiery Color Profiler Suite license required), either selected colors or all spot colors at once.
  • View an optimization report that shows average and maximum Delta E.
  • Edit spot color tints. 1
  • Edit spot colors in a specific job. 1
  • Achieve a cleaner color appearance.
  • Deliver potential cost savings by reducing the amount of ink/toner used in spot color recipes.
At-a-glance gamut warnings

Easily conform to color standards

  • See at-a-glance gamut warnings across an entire spot color library or at the individual spot color level
  • Customize Delta E tolerance and standard to meet your production needs

1 Requires Fiery FS400/FS400 Pro or newer software
2 Requires Fiery FS600/FS600 Pro or newer software
3 Requires Fiery Command WorkStation 7.0 or newer


Fiery Spot Pro is part of the following optional Fiery software packages.

  • Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package for external Fiery servers running FS400 Pro or newer software
  • Fiery ColorRight Package for embedded Fiery servers running FS400 or newer software
  • Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition for external Fiery servers running FS200 Pro, FS300 Pro, or FS350 Pro software
How do I find my Fiery System and Fiery server version?

How do I find my Fiery system software version?

Your Fiery System version is listed in the Device Center General Information tab in Fiery Command WorkStation. This information also is accessible on the Fiery configuration page printed via the Fiery server.



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